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Need to keep the children occupied on those long and tedious journeys?

     Let us help you entertain them!

We believe the audio-visual enhancements that we design, supply and install must fit seamlessly into your car without detracting from the original look and feel of the vehicle. At Car Audio Visual we pay good attention to detail. By closely matching trim materials we ensure each system blends with the vehicles  cab or boot interior, and make sure there is still adequate access to the spare-wheel and rear lights to enable easy servicing on other occasions.

Our classic and thoughtful design ensures an install that can be easily removed without causing damage to the vehicles interior, and it’s this kind of attention to detail that makes us top players in our field.

By communicating effectively and honestly with our customers, we can be confident in the design and quality of our work and have many examples of past installs for you to view within our Installations Gallery.


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